Q) After I order a bespoke strap, how long will it take for the strap to arrive?

A) Our estimate is 5-7 weeks. This can vary based on the number of orders in the queue.


Q) Why does it take so long?

A) We sell a spectacular product and therefore, we have a long order queue. Every item is made entirely by hand by Daniel and his small team in Tennessee. Sit back and realize that a one-of-a-kind, exclusive product is being made especially for you. Bask in the glory.


Q) May I email you to check on my order every day? And if you don't answer within 1 hour, may I send several question marks so you know I need an answer right now?

A) PLEASE, no. Let us work. If our experience making your strap is stressful due to your impatience, we reserve the right to politely decline your future orders. In the past, we have received so many orders that we were backed up for 3 months. If you are not okay with this unlikely possibility, please do not order.


Q) Do you have a warranty?

A) We are so confident in our product that we promise to repair any Beckett product free of charge. (Valid for up to 2 years)


Q) What is your return policy?

A) Custom products may not be returned unless we did not properly follow your instructions. Ready-to-wear products may be returned. Buyer will be charged a $15 restocking fee.